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compulsory attendance and democracy
real school reform (and a changing view of attendance)
homeschooling is the real legacy of holt, kohl, et al and why compulsory attendance laws are limiting our ability to change schools
voluntary attendance
mass schools and the truancy trap
coercion is a core function of schools
unequal treatment
understanding school funding
the compulsory attendance mindset
compulsory hours of instruction
the cost of getting tough
semi-private clubs called schools
update on williams-bolar
theft of education crimes
side effects of the literacy factory model
make public schools truly public
what's wrong with the schools?
understanding school funding
department of education police
participatory democracy in schools
school to prison pipeline
lockdown drill
schools increase policing of kids and families
schools as battlegrounds
felony indictment of a parent by public school police
education (aka mass schooling) is not the answer to wage inequality
sanctioned violence in our schools
student debt and the occupy movement
the cost of getting tough
truancy in the news 3-24-11
truancy in the news
more truancy in the news
180 days mandated in Hawaii
UN Treaty and the Rights of the Child
homeschooling case
truancy laws criminalize the poor
lack of democracy in schools: strip searches
SOA, another school
real democracy
think twice India:  learn from mistakes made in the US
they haven't got a clue
the compulsory attendance mindset
democratic education
school choice
truancy in the news 5-13
voluntary preschool truants

ed history, socialization and green alternatives
no learning commons in Chicago
the factory fights healthy brain development
life in mass institutions
schools vs sleep
Denver: minimizing police contact
jill stein and the Green Party: education policies
the social value of shared resources
restorative justice webinars and podcast
community organizing: laying a foundation
our educational commons
tablets in Ethiopia: learning vs teaching
Ngram: school and family
home study in Quezon City
freedom schools
african-american homeschoolers
school centralization in China
Sweden grapples with homeschooling
sustainable schools
Jamaican PM to homeschool
mistakes must be part of the process
the bullying ethos
centers for continual learning
occupy education
economics gets social
training passivity
Fake on socialization
social deficit
ruby bridges
planting mangoes
james baldwin on education
social networking fail
the most significant social movement of our time
big everything
weeded out slowly
creeping institutionalization
the mother of all demos
reforesting the commons
more socol
socol on schools

parents and family
supporting families
these are our children
blaming parents, blaming the family
undermining homeschooling
parental power, not
blaming families, juvenile justice edition
bullying families and children
every parent should have real choices
deschooling, family style
undermining the family and the child
parents opting out
ngram: school and family
a tax break for homeschoolers?
policing parents
grading parents
a single mother's reflection on race and education
parents not welcome
school takeovers

children and youth
giroux on occupy wall street
benefits of homeschooling: US military edition
helping dropouts
young makers
facing the challenge of change
let kids vote
15 amazing homeschoolers
resources for teens from the AFSC
countering military recruitment in the schools
defensive driving for teens

high school and college and credentials
public colleges: mission lost
math at community colleges: unaligned and overdone
public and private
more on the GED changes
update on the GED
a slightly better chance to avoid debt servitude
free college is attainable
administrating everything
corporatization of the university
class warfare heats up
buying jobs is expensive
the remediation windfall
skewed up
the demise of the public university
two-year high school
how is requiring a BA legal?
an education bubble
denied loans
mass higher ed and the dropout problem (too much math)
james altucher on alternatives to college
postsecondary ed: the future
pathways to work
Gladwell on college rankings
Thiel on stop-outs
high school as a business model
the required BA
rationing college
homeschooling college
hiring practices at Zoho
free college
the necessity of college
unaffordable schooling
the expensive and overrated BA
college and poverty
three-year college
highly-educated peers
dumbing us down is expensive
colleges are corporations, too

teaching is overrated
communicating with schools, maybe
we need more than teachers
the problem with teachers unions
Shelley Blake-Plock and Teaching Paperless
Salman Khan

issues and ed reform
Seattle teachers refuse to test
the color (and income level) of school closures
community organizing and school reform
I teach my neighbor's kids -- Jeff Duncan-Andrade
school in a box from Pearson
joy of testing
ed reform in Pakistan
the Prussian model
not making the grade
schools could help us address poverty
homeschooling growing in India
yong zhao on testing security
chilean superheroes
amar bhide
neoliberalism and ed reform
zhao's mass localism: let's get really local
reformers' resumes
offensive spending
grading in the stone age
Howard Wainer on testing
a brief history of standardized tests
we are not falling behind: more from Yong Zhao
inequality and competition
privatization: theft of the common good
education for elites
better living through testing
we need less school, not more
real school reform ideas
a discussion of school reform
the language of control: achievement
anti-intellectualism or negative feedback?
how much more excellence can we stand?
failed school reforms
militarization of schools
competing our way to change

videos and resources
david friedman talks unschooling
young makers
rethinking education
education from the student's perspective
trade school
phonetic literacy and its impact
learning about inequality: gapminder
democratic education
valuing mistakes
rationing college
love letter to the albuquerque public schools
Astra Taylor on the Unschooled Life
Sir Ken Robinson and Changing Education Paradigms
don't miss the boat
handwriting and brain wiring
we are being dumbed down
alan watts on schools
laura flanders with bill ayers, peter kuper and the MoCCa festival