two-year high school

This video up at Big Think has Bard College's Leo Botstein asking Should We Cut High School to Two Years?  

Eight States to Test Two Year High School Plan - ParentDish
"In fall 2011, 10th graders in eight states will be allowed to pass a series of tests -- including English, science and history -- that will allow them to graduate from high school and then enroll in community college, The New York Times reports. Students who plan to continue their education at 'a selective college' may continue with college prep courses in their junior and senior high school years. Students who fail the 10th-grade tests can try again at the end of their 11th and 12th grades, the newspaper says."
New Plan Will Let High Schoolers Graduate Early -
“This would reform that,” Dr. Holliday said. “We’ve been tied to seat time for 100 years. This would allow an approach based on subject mastery — a system based around move-on-when-ready.”
The new system aims to provide students with a clear outline of what they need to study to succeed, said Phil Daro, a consultant based in Berkeley, Calif., who is a member of an advisory committee for the effort.
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