how much more excellence can we stand?

Again, talk of rewarding excellence.  The US school system produced great things not by focusing on excellence, far from it, the US built a system of schools for everyone, and in the great equality and prosperity after the WWII, the investments and strength across the board made it quite good at the top.

Focusing on excellence will undermine the quality of our schools. 

It will, of course, create good jobs for the people who are making corporate careers for quants and curricular architects some of whom are capturing the income stream from within and without, from testing to charters and teacher certification.

Excellence is still its own reward, now more than ever, unless it is a code word in the class war raging in the US, from the top down, and then the message is clear: we are throwing money at this, you figure it out and get it done.  This for families and communities who are forced by compulsory attendance laws into this reform machine.

It is not the system envisioned by those who founded it, it rewards any method used, and it is based on a negative and unscientific views of human nature.  It is a brutal method and dangerous training for children, free people, and societies that want to live sustainably.

And it is completely unnecessary as homeschooling families have been proving, child by child, for over 40 years.

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