Ngram: school and family

My recent post on tax breaks for homeschoolers discussed the schools and families as institutions etc.  So I generated this Ngram.  I will add that compulsory attendance laws became more widespread in the years 1900 - 1920 see below.  (Quote below from this link at
A National Bureau of Economic Research study found that school attendance rates in 1900 were significantly raised in those states that combined compulsory school attendance with child labor laws. By the second decade of the twentieth century, a majority of states had specific child labor laws that set the minimum age for employment at fourteen and included specification of the completion of school grades and other educational requirements.
Also, homeschooling was rising in the 1970s when back to the land movements were common.  Illich published Deschooling in 1971.  And homeschooling on a wide scale took off around 1980 after books by the Moores and John Holt came out.

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