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It's good to see parents pushing back.

Children being asked to perform field testing for Pearson Corporation pushed some parents over the line. Over 60 schools across New York are refusing to administer the tests for which the students are not reimbursed but are captive testing subjects for Pearson Corporation, for the corporation whose profits are astronomical in this global recession. Schools allow the field testing on the public dime as teachers administer the extra week of tests on top of lengthened regular tests this spring, all free to Pearson.

Isolated factoid from the video: Texas cut 4 billion this year from state budget; yet this year Pearson received half a billion from Texas alone.

Growing National Movement Against "High Stakes" Public School Testing:

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It is incredible that the NY City school system allowed these field tests to be performed on the children they host at schools to help a multi-billion dollar corporation.  Finland doesn't even use standardized tests.
More Parents Are Saying No to Pearson's Field Tests – SchoolBook: "About 488,000 students will be involved in this year’s field tests, a spokesman for the New York State Education Department said. But last month’s standardized tests also had embedded field questions that will be used by Pearson purely for research purposes. As a result, the tests were 30 percent longer, another source of frustration for children and their parents.
Schools Matter: Pearson's Anti-Social Use of Social Media: "Peggy Robertson, President of United Opt Out National, explains, “Over the past few years, Pearson has used its political and financial influence to push through legislation that has specifically benefited Pearson. Because of this, schools were forced to adopt curriculum that Pearson helped to develop, purchase text books published by Pearson, and use test and test-prep materials designed and sold by Pearson. We find this to be a gross conflict of interest that would not be tolerated in any other industry.According to the 2011 Pearson annual report, last year the corporation had sales of £5.9 billion with profits rising a record 12 % and the market share price reached a new ten-year high. Meanwhile, schools were forced to slash budgets, lay off teachers, close facilities, and cut programs."
Pearson tried a social media effort that backfired: a patronizing attempt to demystify testing for parents.
The Innovative Educator: Parents &Teachers Tell Pearson What They Think About Their Attempt to Demystify Testing: "Upset by what they claimed was misinformation and misperceptions permeated by media coverage, Pearson made a botched attempt to launch a social media campaign (see the internal memo) to “demystify testing for parents."
Pearson employees spent the day censoring comments but as the 9 - 5ers left the office, parents and teachers came on duty to send a loud and clear message to Pearson: “We’re not mystified. We don’t want your tests.” 
Pearson Corporation has captured education to some extent in almost every state. Pearson has also captured the GED, raised the price of the test, and announced that they will also raise the rigor of the test, all of which may exclude even more people from jobs and further schooling or training. Though Pearson does have plenty of other tests for them including tests for prison inmates, too.

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New York Standardized Testing Protest Brings Parents, Students To Pearson's Steps:

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