So who are the standardistas?

The high standards claim to:  define human knowledge and what children should know, decide decades in advance what jobs will be needed, fit that knowledge into 12 years, pour the defined information into the minds of children in regular doses, test to measure what got inside their heads, keep testing, grade everything constantly, add up all the grades and test scores for a final number, let the final number decide what the person can or cannot do for a job. That's the modern education factory.

I am not sure who exactly has the long-range job projection tables and the requisite curricular architecture that align with these.  A remarkable number (majority) of PhD economists couldn't project the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression.  Do you think PhD educators have already realigned the standards and job training plans since so much has changed due to this crisis?  Again, the US has never in its history used the schools to vet the majority of people for jobs ..... until now.  
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