Astra Taylor on the Unschooled Life

Astra Taylor is articulate and her talk has great depth to it.  There is an overview of the school change movement in the 1960s and 1970s which was the fertile soil for homeschooling, the real school change movement today.  The legacy of these reformers is not lost:  homeschooling is alive and well and growing worldwide.  We are only beginning to emerge from the 19th-century literacy factories into a democratic world of living and learning together.

Note the stat cited at ~18.35 that, roughly, of Americans polled, 1 in 3 agreed with the statement "Politics and government are too complicated to understand." Homeschoolers polled on this point found only 1 in 25 would agree with the statement.

Homeschooling has created a knowledge base of people outside the system, a necessary first step in real change.  And many things are being learned when enough people have enough comfort with working outside of the school system.  Those seeking school change would do well to learn some of the lessons that a broad range of citizens now know and understand, if the activism necessary to change the schools is to grow.

But listen for yourself to this wonderful talk:

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