we are not falling behind: more from Yong Zhao

There is a lot of talk about how the US is falling behind other nations.  Results on tests are endlessly cited.  It is a drum beat that is hard to ignore.  

But it is wrong. 

Here is some more of the wonderful work of  Yong Zhao who points out that we are striving for standardization and testing just as the Chinese feel they can finally break free of that and move closer to the way US education used to work. We are going backwards. 

In contrast, the Blueprint for the reauthorization of ESEA in the U.S. pushes to another extreme. Despite all the language about innovation and flexibility, the true leverage the federal government wishes to use is test scores in a few subjects on a national scale. “Common standards” in math and language arts are to become a mandate for all states. To implement these standards, common assessment is called for. One can well expect that once common assessments in these two subjects are in place, schools and teachers will be evaluated based on their students’ performance on these tests. Then accountability measures follow. Soon, the US will have a system like China’s gaokao.
The gaokao [big test for college] has not produced citizens China wants in the 21st century. I doubt it will do wonders for the United States.
For the record,  the way forward, the real 21st century approach will be open source and progressive beyond what is has been.  Alberta, Canada is moving toward it; Finland may also (my guess).  My post: real school reform: (and a changing view on attendance) is here. 

More good articles on this on Zhao's site:
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