hiring practices at Zoho

(Updated: 6/22/13 New link at Zoho, old one was down)
Zoho's blog has a post up Grades Measure Test-Taking Skills and Interviews Measure Interviewing Skills that discusses their positive experiences hiring people without college degrees.  Sridhar explains:
Our company in India always faced trouble recruiting, because most college graduates, particularly from well-known colleges, would prefer big-brand-name firms. Simply out of sheer necessity, we started to disregard the kind of college a person graduated from, and the grades they obtained. In India, that task was made even easier, because much of the Indian industry is boringly conventional, and job advertisements that specify things like "Must have a minimum of 80% average in college" are fairly common (so if you got only 79%, don't bother to apply). As a result, we get a lot of the arbitrarily-cut-off category applicants. What we found over time was that there is a lot of really good talent in that pool, which the industry had overlooked. Based on a few years of observation, we noticed that there was little or no correlation between academic performance, as measured by grades & the type of college a person attended, and their real on-the-job performance. That was a genuine surprise, particularly for me, as I grew up thinking grades really mattered.
He then explains how they expanded their hiring to deliberately pick students who were not going to college and train them and how these people were virtually indistinguishable from other employees. To their credit, Zoho continues this practice.
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