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SAT Hurts Black Students' Test Scores   From the article:
There are varying types of intelligence. Some students, regardless of color, simply are not good test takers, and conversely because you are a good test taker doesn't mean you're a good student.

Since the SAT is a money-making enterprise, though, the College Board, even as a nonprofit entity, has an inherent interest in protecting it. In 2006, it reported assets of more than $464 million and paid the president of the organization more than $600,000. 
Spending on Sports vs Spending on Teaching was posted by Yglesias

Public education spending is a drain on family finances in Burma in this article.  The ever-increasing costs of so-called free public education are also an issue in the US. 

The Nation posts a list of how to help in the Gulf and also cites Tonic's excellent list 

Tonic also has an article on Games for Change Festival  where my son and I are going to try playing a few games.  The iCivics game, designed to increase civics awareness, and supported by Sandra Day O'Connor is free online.

Grades are boosted to help law school graduates in the job market. 
Harvard and Stanford, two of the top-ranked law schools, recently eliminated traditional grading altogether. Like Yale and the University of California, Berkeley, they now use a modified pass/fail system, reducing the pressure that law schools are notorious for. This new grading system also makes it harder for employers to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, which means more students can get a shot at a competitive interview.
Multi-grade classrooms and teaching are wanted but unsupported by the factory-line, age-segregated educational approach used around the world
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