parents not welcome

From the Daily Riff, an example of the way parents are treated by this public education system designed to exclude families from any real involvement:

A  Back-To-School Newsletter
Based Upon Real-Life Examples & Events

 Parents at Control Freak High are welcomed visitors and are encouraged to:

  • Visit and observe class
  • Join your child for lunch
  • Read to your child's class
  • Help with class projects and clean-up
  • Walk in a straight-line, single file

NOTE:  When observing, please do not disrupt or draw teacher or students away from their work.

NOTE:  All visits must be coordinated with teacher and school in advance to facilitate the best time to visit to avoid further disruptions.


All parents should check bulletin board each time they come to Control Freak High.  This will give you pertinent information you need for a successful child at Control Freak High and to maintain a level of parental involvement which helps every child succeed at Control Freak High.  You are also encouraged to bring brownies, write checks and bring in any empty egg cartons or magazines, or any materials that are only specified as needed by set guidelines of Control Freak High.


We highly regard parents who participate in school appreciation day, class parties, parent-teacher conference meetings, parent helping days, Class Fair day, Class Whirlwind Day, School Halloween Carnival, School Holiday Fund-raiser, School Valentines' Fund Raising Day,
School Dress- Down-And-Up Day, School Booster Day, and the other 300 fund-raisers that make our school a success.


We also appreciate if parents were to understand that Control Freak High has a professional staff and a cooperative parent group that represents your child's interests so that we may best use our talents and time wisely, without further hardship on your time or concern, and recommend all communication be addressed through this wonderful school connection.

We value collaboration.

 Please note that interest in complex educational issues such as curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment are best left to the experts at the school.

We will be having another educator conference on this issue and will report any modifications affecting your children.

Please consult our next newsletter for new instructions.  We expect parents to follow these guidelines to insure the success of our students.


Control Freak High values parents who are involved and engaged as outlined on our "term guideline sheet".
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