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Privatization is underway and we are hearing that austerity is necessary for everyone but the 1% for whom no bonus is too big. Privatization has been tried and it has proved a failure in Chile.  The centralization of schools has made them remote from the people they serve and vulnerable to political machinations and corruption and corporate schemes of control.

March 1 was occupy education day but actions will continue in some places through the 5th or the 8th.

Feeds and information at occupy education.

uprisingradio.org » Students Across the Nation Organize Day of Action on Education
"We refuse to accept the dismantling of our schools and universities, while the banks and corporations make record profits.” Nationwide, public school students are seeing an average tuition or fee hike of 8 percent, while their counterparts at private universities are facing a 4.5 percent average increase. California has been a national hub of education activism, with protests ranging from marches to actions aligned with the Occupy movements that have resulted in police brutality against students. Since 2004 the cost of attending a California State University rose 191% and students attending University of California schools are paying 145% more than 8 years ago. Today’s national day of action will be continued in Sacramento and on many campuses in the state next week with 4 days of protest and walk-outs from March 5th – March 8th."
March 1, 2012: Galileo Drum Corps Perform @ San Francisco's "Occupy Education" Rally (below)

(below) Over parent protests, school board in Chicago closes 17 schools.
Full multi-part series is here.

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Occupy Education: Teachers, Students Resist School Closings, Privatizations, Layoffs and Rankings:
"As students across the country stage a National Day of Action to Defend Public Education, we look at the nation’s largest school systems—Chicago and New York City—and the push to preserve quality public education amidst new efforts to privatize schools and rate teachers based on test scores. In Chicago, the city’s unelected school board voted last week to shut down seven schools and fire all of the teachers at 10 other schools."
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