let kids vote

A post up at Politico is entitled Let Kids Rock the Vote is not your usual post though the idea is hardly a fresh one to those of us aging homeschoolers who read John Holt and others so many years ago.  Still it is a surprise to find on the web even if it is something of a joke.  

Germany Considers Voting Rights for Kids is not as recent but still good.  For the record, I am not sure kids voting will ensure their rights are preserved; the vote alone doesn't mean a society has functioning democracy on a significant level.  And I don't see it as a way for kids to run things:  children live within relationships, if they're lucky, and voting will be influenced by families a great deal.  And that's fine.  But I do think that a society that includes children in their daily lives will have greater mental health for everyone and a truly strong social life and that builds social capital which is an economic strength.  

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