truancy in the news 3-24-11

Dallas school district asks Dallas County Judge to reduce truancy fines | Crime Blog | From the article:  Some kids may be dropping out of school rather than pay hefty fines they cannot afford, hence the consideration of reducing fines:  
"Commissioner John Wiley Price said the decision is up to Jenkins but that he would support a fine reduction.  It's kind of counterproductive," Price said about high fees. "The objective of the fines is to compel people to remain in school."
Change: Find new ways to handle youths with truancy problems | Pacific Daily News | In Guam school officials want a state-of-the-art monitoring system to help truants, a predictable scheme

Huntsville mother jailed for keeping children out of school |  She has two 15-year olds and a 16-year old that have been truant and she got 6 months in jail, suspended to 3 days, the second parent in Huntsville to get jail time. I know nothing about the case but I do know some parents cannot easily deal with forcing children that old to do something they don't want to do.

Tables turned for JP who jailed truant teens - San Antonio Express-News Whatever happened in this case about a justice of the peace convicted of oppression in Hildalgo County near the border, note the statistic in the article that this judge handled 26,000 truancy cases in 10 years -- this county may want to check into Oregon's program (below)

PCC Rock Creek High-School Equivalency Program points migrant workers on the path toward career success | Oregon has a program providing substantial support to migrant workers' families

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