resources for teens from the AFSC

A publication of the American Friends Service Committee, the book, It's My Life: A Guide to Alternatives After High School is a free download.   The book has chapters on:
  • Surviving the Next Few Years
  • Thinking About Jobs and careers
  • Serving Your Country (military alternatives like NCCC, Americorps Habitat, Peace and Social Justice Jobs, and more)
  • Seeing the World
  • Training for the Future
  • Greening Your Career
  • Paying for College
More good resources for youth thinking of enlisting are here , also at the American Friends Service Committee's website in the Youth & Militarism section.  There is information about military recruiters and suggestions for alternatives to military service.

There is a chapter on Green jobs, small businesses, apprenticeships, sustainable farming, construction, and one on paying for college. All are addressed to the youth themselves.

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