these are our children

Schools Matter: These are Our Children, Not Corporate Products:
"On December 14, 2011 Parents, community members, and educators took over the monthly Chicago Board of Education meeting. After years of not being heard, they stood up and took it back."

Breaking: Occupy CPS. Board members run for cover. (
In a chaotic scene at Chicago Public Schools’ headquarters Wednesday, the school board abruptly ended its meeting and went into closed session after being shouted down by a couple dozen angry parents and union representatives upset over planned school closures, consolidations and turnarounds.
Families need schools to listen to them. Families need power in a structure designed to ignore the family. That might have been a plan when schools were a few months of skill training within a larger agricultural process. Now that schooling is 12+ years long in an industrial economy, excluding families from a structural role makes the entire system ineffective at its core. Families can be strengthened by taking on more choices and schools can change their authoritarian culture by beginning to work more actively with their communities and the families that pay their salaries.

Families are waking up.
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