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on top of the hill at Eastern Mennonite University
On top of the hill at Eastern Mennonite University (Photo credit: eclecticlibrarian)
Webinar series – Restorative Justice – Center for Justice & Peacebuilding – Eastern Mennonite University

"Interested in starting a restorative justice program in your community but aren’t sure where to start? Wondering how restorative justice can be adapted to a university, or utilized in the criminal justice system? Have you ever considered how trauma can cause people to act out, and how addressing that trauma could benefit victims as well as offenders?

Sign up for one of our Real World Restorative Justice webinars this fall. These webinars will examine restorative justice in real world contexts, through a conversation-style format with Howard Zehr and guests. And they’re free!"

Bonnie Wills Podcast
All Together Now – Restorative Justice – 08/02/12 | Progressive Radio NetworkRestorative Justice — a talk with Bonnie Wills, a certified facilitator in a 9-month program in Restorative Justice within San Quentin Prison; also, a program in Restorative Justice that operates in middle schools and high schools in Oakland, CA, to break the schoolyard-to-jailyard pipeline; impressive success rates here and abroad; Insight Prison Project ( and Restorative Justice for Oakland’s Youth (; poem by June Jordan 
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