Shelly Blake-Plock and Teaching Paperless

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
This is a great list from the Teach Paperless blog so I am linking here to 21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020.  It's a great list and I agree that organization by grade level and centralized school structures needs change:

12. Centralized Institutions
School buildings are going to become 'homebases' of learning, not the institutions where all learning happens. Buildings will get smaller and greener, student and teacher schedules will change to allow less people on campus at any one time, and more teachers and students will be going out into their communities to engage in experiential learning.

13. Organization of Educational Services by Grade
Education over the next ten years will become more individualized, leaving the bulk of grade-based learning in the past. Students will form peer groups by interest and these interest groups will petition for specialized learning. The structure of K-12 will be fundamentally altered.

I am also linking to another post by Shelly Blake-Plock about Using Google Wave in the classroom.  I liked the Wave and was sad to hear development on it has stopped.
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