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Married Couples Are No Longer a Majority | NYT    The family has suffered from the past 40 years of wage stagnation and decline.  And the class war, using schools and the credentials they supply, continues with marriage decreasing except among those with the credentials, credentials that are manufactured by institutions that receive Federal and state subsidies and all taxpayers contribute to while these same institutions generate credentials many cannot afford. 

Today, traditional patterns have been turned upside down. Women with college degrees are now more likely to marry than those with just high school diplomas, the reverse of several decades ago, said June Carbone, a law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and co-author of “Red Families v. Blue Families.”
Rising income inequality has divided American society, making college-educated people less likely to marry those without college degrees. Members of that educated group have struck a new path: they marry later and stay married. In contrast, women with only a high school diploma are increasingly opting not to marry the fathers of their children, whose fortunes have declined along with the country’s economic opportunities.

Many Federal and state jobs now require a BA or more, credentials that are not provided for free to citizens, unlike the high school degree.  This means jobs require extra training that must be paid for privately. All taxpayers pay for this disenfranchisement, legitimized by grading and testing (provided by corporations) used to create disenfranchisement with public dollars.  The weeding out process is slow and painful and directed at children.

The anger so far is directed only at teachers, Teachers Aren't the Enemy | The Nation
"When we define education as schooling, and put public educational resources into schools, the children who benefit the most are the children who can stay in school the longest. These are necessarily and, in all but a few cases, the children of the well-to-do. (See Deschooling Society and School is Dead in Appendix).  Tax-supported schools, and tax-exempted colleges and universities, simply create a situation in which the poor have to pay a large share of the cost of schooling the children of the rich."  John Holt, "Beyond Schooling" in Freedom and Beyond, 1972.

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