linkage 7-25-10

Rural, poor whites underrepresented in elite institutions 
Another homeschooler banned in Sweden reported on Learning Freely Network

Most popular free finds for high school level homeschoolers at Freely Learning

241 teachers fired in Washington: they got top performance reviews last year

An op-ed about stopping bullying  with a plea to turn schools into real communities, a difficult goal in light of the fact that children and families live under forced schooling laws.  Even the military is voluntary but not the schools.  And we need real communities in which schools provide helpful  services to citizens:  not schools that bully citizens and attempt to "play community" within themselves.  The anti-bullying policies of European nations are within the context of a radical fairness within the entire country.  The US has grown radically unequal and does not even believe in fairness or equality as a goal, only in the limp "equal opportunity"  which is not really sharing but saying everyone has an equal chance to fail or to steal. 

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