‪chilean superheroes

They aren't waiting for Superman in Chile.  A video of Chilean youth in costumes dancing for education change.  Beautiful costumes in a complex routine:  

Chile: Students Take Over Schools Demanding Education Reform · Global Voices: The site has a look at the situation with video and stories of the school takeovers from the students themselves as they occupy tomas to demand free and high quality education.

What Do the Students Want? 
Chile's student protests could undermine president's approval - CSMonitor.com
From a stateside article: 
The demonstrators have both economic and academic demands. They want increased public funding of universities, a year-round bus pass, full scholarships for lower- and middle-class students, and an increased role for the state in technical education, which is now handled by private institutes. 
Academically, they want to end the use of a standardized test as the sole method of admission to the best universities. They also want technical institutes to offer liberal arts classes and are demanding guaranteed academic freedom. In addition, they are demanding more accessibility for people with disabilities. 
To fund education, some marchers carry banners calling for the nationalization or increased taxation of the private-sector copper mines, which today produce more than half of the metal in this country.
Tuition Climbs Again This Year
Students here in many parts of the US have similar conditions in schools with relentless and steep tuition increases.  Remember this chart last year?

CHART OF THE DAY: Is College Education The Next Bubble Set To Burst?
Note that the housing bubble resulted from about a 4-time increase in home prices between 1978 and 2006, and college tuition has now increased by more than twice that amount since 1978 - it's gone up by more than a factor of ten times. The college tuition bubble makes the housing price bubble seem pretty lame by comparison.

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