linkage 7-11-10

Examinations alienate students in China

She is eating public school lunches for a year and will have a doctor help monitor the effects

Surprise: more stratification of wealth within the educational system as reflected in spending on recreation

Almost 3000 students not allowed to graduate after failing alternate exit exam.  It seems incredible that the US cannot test meat for bacteria but can test children and young people  constantly and repeatedly for 12+ years. An e coli test is far simpler and more accurate than an exam to test the knowledge inside someone's head and to embarass and shame them with the results. 

Don't blame the dropouts, blame the outdated educational system is a viewpoint I entirely agree with though I advocate for far more systemic change, i.e., transitioning to voluntary community learning centers that provide services and resources to children and families which they access and use as they need (as opposed to students providing jobs by being processed through educational factories)
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