truancy in the news

A new law in California would impose harsher fines on parents who are forcing their children to go to school. 

They are suspicious in Texas that some families are not really homeschooling but are instead allowing their teens to dropout.  The extension of the compulsory education age in many states means that parents will have to do what parents never have had to do before in the US since the majority of jobs did not require a high school degree until recently. 

Schools have the police power to frighten and coerce families, ostensibly because some families may not be doing a good job (under compulsory education laws, parents cannot police school administrators for not doing a good job).  A school administrator cannot be jailed or fined for doing a bad job.

The dropouts themselves cannot ask for the educational options they want nor can they control the psychological abuse of enduring grading and sorting and testing.  It is a myth that everyone can be an A student if they only try

It is incredible that parents and families pay their taxes for a community resource that then is empowered to harass them and their children and call it their fault.
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