more on student protests in chile

More on the educational protests in Chile (I had a post up on this on July 20 that discusses what they are protesting) where privatization makes school very expensive. NYT slideshow here.

Students are protesting the heavy debt levels they are facing while here in the US, this is accepted casually.  The debt load of US students is climbing astronomically and many will pay on these loans until they retire.

Dissent Magazine - Fall 2008 Issue - Student Debt and The S...
"One of the goals of the planners of the modern U.S. university system after the Second World War was to displace what they saw as an aristocracy that had become entrenched at elite schools; instead they promoted equal opportunity in order to build America through its best talent. The rising tide of student debt reinforces rather than dissolves the discriminations of class, counteracting the meritocracy. Finally, I believe that the current system of college debt violates the spirit of American freedom in leading those less privileged to bind their futures."

Chile police, students clash in banned protests ( 
874 arrested in student protests in Chile - Home » Other Sections » Breaking News:  
"SANTIAGO (Xinhua) - A total of 874 people, mostly students, were arrested in Chile's student protests demanding more resources for underfunded public education, authorities said Friday.
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