handwriting is a 21st century skill

Handwriting is a 21st century skill, an article by Edward Tenner, has lots of interesting links (a handwriting competition?) and supports the role of handwriting in brain development. 
Is preserving and reviving cursive handwriting retro sentimentality or neo-Luddism? No, it's good teaching and good neuroscience. (I see this as one whose own notes would be the ultimate test of character recognition software.) The New York Times doesn't go far enough on this. The close connections between hand and brain, whether in music or in writing, have strong support in research, ...
I posted about handwriting and other ways to use the hand in a previous post, handwriting and brain wiring.  And I again mention the obvious corollary about Waldorf handwork,  more than just handwriting, and these videos are interesting in presenting some of that.

A brief overview in interviews with Tiffany Towles, Handwork teacher at Seattle Waldorf School:

And Renate Hiller, On Handwork:

a book excerpt:   The Hand and How It Shapes the Brain
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