sal khan at carnegie mellon: reimagining education

Salman Khan talked at Carnegie Mellon recently (he received the Heinz Award in Pittsburgh), about Khan Academy and how it begins to move the mindset created by the factory model. In the Q & A afterward touches on work on accessibility, identifying and sharing best practices, classroom formats and changing STEM formats & focusing on creativity, the Bank of America partnership & financial literacy, MOOCs & college & creating multiple paths.

From the video:
…a school using it in Oakland where a class used it to good effect … [teacher Peter Macintosh] views it as a mindset changing tool … a lot of these students historically came into classroom already thinking they were no good at math and also being very passive , alright teacher what do I do next? …. they would only engage in a problem for 5 seconds … before giving up … as soon as they turned things around where the students were in control, it was meeting them where they were, they were allowed to build their foundations even if it was an algebra class, if you had trouble with decimals you were allowed to work on decimals so that you could build that foundation and not get frustrated. .. you could peer tutor each other… you realize that you’re trying to reach your goals for yourself, the teacher's there to help you, the tools are there, your peers are there … that improved their scores across all their subjects … out of the 120 million people using the site every month, about 10% are in formal settings … the bulk are just random people who are trying to tap into their potential [video of a high school dropout] .. I actually dropped out of high school twice, both in my freshman year, … and I was able to skip two years of math just by using the site … [went on to get high scores in math, graduate and go to Princeton] … more about the partnership with College Board and free test prep “not just video but … interactive …examples of global use of Khan Academy … launch of Spanish and other languages … video montage of Khan videos in other languages … even today one of our most popular videos is on credit-default swaps ... If I were to re-architect K-12, I would ... argue that the law ... accounting ... computer science ... statistics should be included...

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