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Fisher Boys Playing Truant on their Father's S...
Fisher Boys Playing Truant on their Father's Smacks.  
Location: Boston, Massachusetts.
Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine, October 1909.
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The US is the only industrialized nation-state without a social safety net. We do have a massive defense industry, a national security state, a compulsory school industry and a prison industry with the largest number of people incarcerated in the world. A public health problem like drugs becomes a criminal justice issue (it's a war, too) and gun violence isn't even tracked. Is it any surprise that truant children and their families are paying more fines and spending more time in jail?

Lebanon schools' truancy agreement subject to judge's approval | "A settlement agreement between the Lebanon School District and parents who claim they were excessively fined by the district awaits a judge's approval.

The district and the parent's attorneys, the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, announced the agreement Tuesday. The district will pay $108,000 to parents who were inappropriately fined and an additional $147,000 in attorney's fees to the law center.

Four parents, aided by the NAACP, filed the initial lawsuit against the district in January 2011. In June 2012, the judge certified the case as a class action, adding nearly 170 more plaintiffs."

Truancy And Crime Link In Chicago - Business Insider: "Many absent grade schoolers came from single-parent households racked by intense poverty, substance abuse or mental illness, juvenile court records show. Some youths switched schools every year as their families fled foreclosure and debt, while the elementary schools in their South Side and West Side neighborhoods had few resources to retrieve missing students or even connect with their relatives."

D.C. Council mulls jailing parents for children's truancy - "But Councilmember Marion Barry, Ward 8 Democrat, is concerned that jailing parents would only lead to other problems.

"It doesn't work," he says. "Who is going to take care of the kids while they're locked up?""

Teen, jailed 30 days for contempt in truancy case, wins appeal - JSOnline: "The court said it would normally remand such a case for a new hearing in front of an impartial judge, but was instead reversing it outright. "Moreover, we decline to dismiss this case as moot even though our decision will have no practical effect on this case because we are disturbed that a seventeen-year-old improperly served thirty days in jail" for failing to attend school."

Rep. Woodrow Stanley, D-Flint, looks to crack down on homeschool truancy |
: "Kids must be in school in order to learn," Stanley said in a news release. "This bill requires parents to report their child's attendance records, giving home schools the same standards as public schools. Passing this bill is a no-brainer, it's necessary for Michigan students." "

Epilogue: Truancy diversion pilot showing success : The Lincoln Journal Star Online: "“That’s just coaching them, teaching kids to take responsibility,” he said.

The incentives for perfect attendance often were gift cards to the mall or movies, but they could be other things, too -- such as an alarm clock. Alissa -- who loves photography -- got a memory card for her camera. 
Often, putting two or three heads together helps find answers to barriers keeping kids from class, Bouma said. It also lets students know there are adults they can go to when a problem arises to help them work through it."

CO: New Bill to Limit Truancy Detention | 360 Education Solutions: "“We really want to limit the number of kids who are truant going into detention,” witness Meg Williams, an official of the state Division of Criminal Justice who worked with Fields on developing bill said to EdNews Colorado.

Additionally, the bill seeks to set a five-day limit on the amount of time a student could be held in juvenile detention for a single court order violation for truancy."

Parents arraigned in Rochester truancy cases - Fosters: "O’Malley told Foster’s her child used to receive assistance through the Children in Need of Services (CHINS) state program, but since cutbacks at the state level, the program has become narrowed and she said her family doesn’t have the support they need."

Truant officer: Mental health issues are surprising cause of many chronic truancy cases: ""It's been a continuous cycle for this kid because if you're not sleeping, you become exhausted and worn down. The kid had signs of depression and then anxiety about missing school. And because of that anxiety, he started to avoid class and his school work, which only causes more anxiety..."

This is just the second year AAPS has had a full-time truant officer. Prior to Padgett taking on the role, there was a part-time person who handled the district's truancy cases. However, the former individual took a more traditional approach of lecturing kids when they ditched class; whereas Padgett, whose degree and previous experience in social work have helped him to expand the role, tries to correct and address the cause of the skipping, he said."

How much do truant students cost the Rochester City School District? |
“If you talk to a police officer they will tell you that most kids who are in trouble, teenagers, are those kids who are not coming to school on a regular basis.” Dr. Vargas said it's not easy to put a cost for the kids who don't show up for school but using the city school's budget, we did.

It breaks down to about $18,000 per student. That's comparable to the tuition at top private schools in our area and it's about $100 a day per student. Those 8,000 kids who miss at least two weeks of school? That comes to $8-million."

Truancy plan will work with families, not against them, officials say in live chat | "If a student being monitored is absent four more times, they will be referred to the prosecutor’s office, which will explain to the student’s family they could lose welfare benefits if the absences continue. Students and their families also will be referred for services, including those offered by Mediation & Restorative Services and the Department of Human Services’ school-based Family Resource Centers."

Truancy: Failing to show up, failing the future : The Budget: "Some truancy programs are helping. Sophomore Stevie Adrian said she ran into trouble as a freshman when she began skipping her fifth hour physical education class to enjoy an extra-long lunch break. Soon, she was skipping much more of the day.

This year, her mom arranged for her to be on truancy, matching her with an intern through the University of Kansas Truancy Prevention and Diversion Program. Adrian said she had already determined to straighten out, but she bonded with her intern."

LSU Ends 16-Year Truancy Research Project: "“LSU developed the TASC program in 1998 to address problems that our research showed to be specific to Louisiana children and that our citizens said was needed for local entities to be successful in helping youth stay in school,” said OSSRD Director and School of Social Work Professor Cecile Guin. “Louisiana is among several states that have the poorest children in the country and the most children living in single female-headed households – facts that certainly contribute to Louisiana’s ongoing highest incarceration rate in the world.”"

Too Much Work+Truancy=Antisocial Behavior? | 90.5 WESA: "Sending a high-risk teen to work won't necessarily keep him or her out of trouble, according to a recent University of Pittsburgh study. The research indicates high school-age juvenile offenders who are employed during the academic year and do not attend school regularly are more likely to engage in antisocial, or destructive, behavior."


A screen photo of Wei Xiaoyong's face recognition system following data analysis.                         Photo: West China Metropolis Daily

Professor Invents Face Recognition System to Prevent Truancy: "Though some companies and schools have contacted Wei to buy the system, he has refused.

For junior and senior students, teachers should give them more freedom rather than forcing them to attend classes they are not interested in, argued Wei."

Record number of parents convicted over child's truancy - Telegraph: "Official figures show almost 10,000 were found guilty over their son or daughter refusing to attend class, which equates to a five fold increase over the past decade.

Last night, critics suggested that a new crackdown on problem families who condone truancy was leading to local authorities placing targets on the number of successful prosecutions."

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