May Day actions

MAY DAY of Action for Education! #OccupyEDU « Cooperative Catalyst: "Today all over the country students, educators, parents and community members are taking part in the May Day of Action. There are many ways to support this day of action. One way is to make your voice heard online. Today we will be collecting blog posts and twitter/facebook status message and pictures and posters in support of this day of action for education. Please joins us in a Blogger March, our collective vision and collective voice for real education transformation is important and powerful!"    'via Blog this'

OCCUPY EDUCATION: "Join your local general strike by not going to school, or work, and by not shopping or banking!
  • Join a protest locally or regionally! Many student and teacher lead walk outs are happening all over the country.
  • Go into the commons! Used public spaces to host conversations around education transformation or direct democracy.
  • Unschool your children or yourself for the day, Learn something you are passionate about, that you are not tested on, that is not found in a text book.
  • Make your voice heard at Occupy Education Tumblr page by submitting a picture of why and how you are Occupying Education!"

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