homeschooling activism in France

Agnès Ohlenbusch (France) - YouTube:

The speaker's rough estimate is of 32,000 children schooled at home, vast majority in online courses.  Agnes Ohlenbusch gives a history of home education in France and discusses more recent legal actions as well, including attempts to make schooling compulsory for children by age three. She credits European Forum for Freedom in Education  with helping homeschoolers in France. Their current newsletter is here.   From the site:
Our members are interested and active citizens from the educational sector; that includes teachers, schools, school-organisations, administrators and those involved in university life. We are open to pupils, parents, learners and teachers, in short everybody for whom plurality and autonomy in education are important matters. All members of effe stand for the right to education and to diversity and freedom in education. This applies to both the state-controlled and the independent sectors. The activity of effe members is based entirely on individual initiative. No member can be said to be representing any kind of organization or pressure group.

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