students changing school policies on violence against women

Campus Accountability Project
U.S. university students work to improve campus policy on violence against women | Women News Network:
"(WNN) NEW YORK, U.S.: For the second year in a row college students are using transparency to prevent, reduce and respond to sexual violence on university campuses across the U.S. The Campus Accountability Project (CAP) database has met its goal of participation from over 70 schools across the country. Currently, the database houses 233 policies in an online, public and searchable database, which details what colleges and universities are doing to prevent, reduce and respond to sexual violence on campus. The database publicly recognizes the successes of some schools’ sexual assault policies while also identifying gaps in others.
Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER) and V-Day are calling students across the country to submit their campus’ sexual violence policies to the Campus Accountability Project (CAP) Policies Database. The idea is to to reach the goal to produce 300 new published policies for student violence safety on campuses. 
The Winter Break Challenge working with V-Day and SAFER, which began in December, asks students to register at and submit their school information using CAP’s easy, step-by-step policy review form."
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