truancy in the news

Truancy will be preserved in the online world if professional educators have their way. After all, if we didn't have compulsory attendance law, the education industry wouldn't have a captive audience.  This arrangement is at the heart of why our schools do not work: our schools are at war with families.

What began as a seasonal few years of required attendance to get some core skills, has grown into a very long and abusive process whereby a child is in job training for 12+ years and blamed for any problems that arise.

The choice isn't between abusive policing or of complete neglect to provide, as the choice is usually framed. Lots of voices are clustered around these options, to be sure. Enforce truancy for the child's own good or eliminate government schools. This type of dialog is common when talking about education, and it reflects frustrations, but we have other choices.

We could actually consider providing community learning resources that families access as they need and want.  The vast majority of families would choose to access some or many services. Families actually want their children to succeed though poverty, stress, and the poor psychological design of schooling all take their toll. Even for families staying out of poverty, the schools waste immense amounts of student energy and time in authoritarian procedures that are relics.

Democracies do not need to police citizens in the name of education: services can be offered and families will choose what they need. Providing high-functioning social services makes a nation-state more social in positive ways and translates into stronger families, communities, and economies.
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