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ABOUT THE FILM | Homeschool Movie
"Class Dismissed will focus on the topic of education, specifically the validity of homeschooling as an alternative to the industrial school model. Framed within the historical context of traditional schooling, and particularly at a time when education across the nation is in a state of crisis, the film will examine the numerous approaches to home learning, exploring both its history and recent growth. "
A new documentary is underway about homeschooling. They just got finished shooting at Village Home in Portland OR, a remarkable resource center for homeschooling families. There have been lots of movies about public education but not so many about homeschooling. And at a time when we have education and our economy in crisis and in need of effective and real change, homeschoolers have many insights that can be of great value to our society. This is a project to keep track of and if you can, help with their fundraising here. 
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