AERO conference

The AERO conference in Portland this year will be live streaming for the next few days at their website.  Schedule times are Pacific. The official program is here and there are many additional workshops not streamed.

Thursday, August 4th
1pm-2:30pm, Digital Storytelling with Aaron Nakai
3pm-4pm, Unschooling College: A New Model for Higher Education with Dale J. Stephens
4:15pm-5pm, Keynote: Deborah Meier
6:45pm-7:15pm, Keynote: Justo Méndez Arámburu
7:30pm-8:30pm, Keynote: Riane Eisler

Friday, August 5th
9am-10am, Keynote: Melia Dicker
10:30am-12pm, Rethinking the Line Between Us with Bill Bigelow
1:30pm-3pm, Divided We Fall: Tools for Building Bridges Across Divides with Shilpa Jain
3:30pm-5pm, Keynote: Khalif Williams

Saturday, August 6th
9am-10am, The effectiveness of an alliance strategy to promote alternative education for disadvantaged youth in Puerto Rico with The Puerto Rico Alliance for Alternative Education
10:30am-12pm, What Open School Alumni Learned From a Real Education with alumni from the Jefferson County Open School
1:30pm-3pm, Descubriendo Proyectos que Rediseñan la Educación with Mari Luce Fernández y Maria Payan (Spanish & English)
3:30pm-5pm, Social Justice & Children with Geoffrey "Ba" Luvmour

Sunday, August 7th
9am-10am, We the People: Building a Movement for Quality Education
10:15am-12:15am, Keynote: Linda Stout

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