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20 Craziest Job Interview Questions on Shine
 Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions Of 2010 | Glassdoor.com Blog
As if having to pay for a BA, on top of free public schooling (that is now costing more and more) was not enough, US citizens face employers who want them to perform tricks during the interview.  It is not that job applicants should not be vetted or drawn out or that questions cannot be asked or problems posed.  It is that school imprints an approach that is ineffective in the classroom and offensive in the workplace.  Stunt questions can show the downside of socialization by grades and test scores.

The smartest kids in the room often have a poor grasp of the human dimension of knowledge and are prone to identify with the process.  They often do not own their knowledge but have adopted it. How does a stunt question measure that? How do you quickly ascertain if someone is an independent thinker?  How did so many economists not see the housing bubble or financial meltdown?  Wasn't the black swan the fact that so many did not see this?  

Changing school cultures from mass socialization using ranking and hierarchy helps not only those penalized by the process but also changes the culture of those who "win" by internalizing destructive norms. We need a more civil society, more social intelligence across the board, and deep democracy skills and to get there we cannot educate kids in the schools we have today.  
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