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Fighting the Scourge of Drug-Impaired Scrapbooking - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine
The ACLU of Pennsylvania is reviving a challenge to the Delaware Valley School District's drug testing policy, which requires all students participating in extracurricular activities to supply an initial urine sample and agree to random screening thereafter. The plaintiffs are Glenn and Kathy Kiederer of Shohola, who were surprised by the paperwork their 12-year-old daughter brought home after she signed up for her school's scrapbooking club:
"I feel I'm being coerced into signing this paper," Glenn Kiederer said Monday during a hearing in Pike County. "To drug test at this age makes it normal for them. If it's normal, when they have children, what will be normal for them? A chip in your arm that tracks where you go?" 
Invasive testing of kids for drugs is not how a public system would treat the people it was working for if families and kids actually had power and input into a system that has become autonomous from the very people it should serve.  Schools have driven the use of stimulant drugs in kids because there is no ability to modify or customize schedules even for kids having stress.  

Testing brains and testing bladders are similarly useless efforts to control learning and it is completely unnecessary. People naturally like to learn, families are always interested in jobs for their kids, and authoritarian tactics serve class interests.
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