ed reform the apple way

Steve Jobs: Why don't schools get rid of the crappy stuff? - THE DAILY RIFF - Be Smarter. About Education. From this post up at The Daily Riff, Steve Jobs simple formula: 

"Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff." -Steve Jobs 

It's a great idea: let's just get rid of the crappy stuff in our schools, slowly or quickly, let's really edit them down to what is essential.  Out with:
  • bad food
  • grades
  • testing
  • homework
  • age-segmented classes
  • massive textbooks
  • fees
  • no choices
And let's expand and preserve the good stuff:
  • good food
  • schools as places kids can go to learn 
  • learning with others
  • diverse ages working together
  • counselors, coordinators and guides
  • libraries and computers
  • playgrounds
  • labs 
  • art rooms
  • field trips
  • clubs
  • gardens
Transition to this has got to be easier than revamping the human spirit to fit in a charter school world. If these standards people know so much, maybe they they can write a compact, three-hour a day core curriculum for transitioning.  After all, a lot fo people would be coming and going if real choices were offered. Now they write to fill in a K-12 structure but maybe we can actually shrink some of this down ....   a lot and leave more time for things that will stabilize schools and make our children happier and more productive, even as measured by quants:
  • individual learning journeys
  • planning/counseling/mentoring
  • working together in a more consensual way
  • exercise
  • family time
  • down time
  • holidays
  • sick days 
  • teachers' support 
  • community relationships
  • gardening 
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