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SpeEdChange: The Freedom Stick and "Massive Resistance" from a post by Ira Socol, the Freedom Stick (and what's on the stick below):

Plugging this stick into "most any" USB port on a Windows (or Linux) computer will give a student accessible browsing, a full-featured text-to-speech system, links to a wide variety of free digital text sources, a scientific calculator, open source equivalents to Inspiration, Photoshop, Camtasia, Zip, writing supports, games, simulations, and a full version of Open Office - among other things. 
In other words, it makes using these computers, accessing the curriculum, communicating, possible for many students who, 17 years later, remain locked out of educational opportunity.

A link to a zipped download is in the post and a few tips. Useful for students/unstudents of all ages.
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