links 11-5-10

A post-election brief by Joanne Jacobs and a look at the fight among Democrats and now Republicans is posted at Dropout Nation; the election and higher ed, too

Joanne has another post-election post, too, not specific to homeschooling;  she also cites a study on Saxon math no surprise to many homeschoolers

Kenyans are discovering homeschooling, link here, and issues of the legal definition of homeschooling and whether parents can afford it and how to work together with other parents are all discussed

Nordic neighbors disagree on homeschooling, a post up at HSLDA:
In northern Europe, two nordic countries strongly differ in their response to homeschooling. Finland provides a warm reception to parents who chose to educate their children at home, while neighboring Sweden continues down an increasingly dangerous path of ostracizing and persecuting families who seek to exercise their right to homeschool. Recent troubles endured by Swedish homeschoolers—such as the denial of due process rights, fines, court proceedings and flight—demonstrate Sweden’s hardline attitude and behavior.
Late reading and learning timetables cites an interesting article on late reading and a school with a mission of love:
Love. It’s not a word you hear very often in professional settings. In discussions of education, “accountability” and “achievement” are far more common. It’s as if people are afraid to lose credibility by saying the word “love,” even if it’s what they know, deep down, that children need.
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