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From the Aero website, a keynote by Ron Miller that is quite interesting, about building an educational rights movement from the diverse alternative education movements. He says at one point:  "We are socialized into a way of thinking."  This is quite true as we now have several generations entirely socialized within a coercive public school system and our penchant for authoritarian government and endless wars seems a result to me.  There is a comment about our system of child apartheid that is quite accurate and homeschoolers will be familiar with advantages of a social life that is diverse in age as well as the ways families enjoy spending time together.

About Miller from the website:
Miller has been involved in alternative education for 25 years, first as a Montessori teacher, then as an activist scholar and publisher (Holistic Education Review and Paths of Learning magazines and several books), and most recently as a member of the Education program faculty at Goddard College. Currently he is founder and director of a new program at Goddard designed for homeschooling teens. He has written or edited eight books, including Creating Learning Communities and Free Schools, Free People, and many articles, and has spoken at conferences in various parts of the world. He helped start the Bellwether School in Williston, Vermont for his three sons, but also sent one of them to a Waldorf school, and has recently been homeschooling another. Ron holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from Boston University, where he pursued an intensive study of the cultural roots of American education and the origins of alternative education movements.
Ron's keynote address was:
Building an Educational Rights Movement
I will talk about the challenge of building alliances among the many diverse and scattered alternative education networks and movements, and propose a vision of education for the new society that is beginning to emerge.

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