police in schools: entrapment

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A list of recent posts documenting police in schools at Reason.

Video and snippet below from a post on that list, this one is about an autistic youth entrapped by an undercover cop into buying marijuana while in school. After being entrapped into buying drugs, the youth is now being expelled under a zero tolerance policy (the family has a pending lawsuit.) In the video, his parents state that the school "taught our son how to buy drugs and that's not why we sent him to school." 
"We felt like our family was totally violated by the sheriff's department and the school district," says Doug and Catherine Snodgrass of Temecula, California. Last December their 17-year-old autistic high school son was arrested after twice buying marijuana for an undercover Riverside county police officer.
The undercover operation, titled "Operation Glass House," spanned a few months and included undercover officers in three area high schools: Chaparral, Temecula Valley, and Rancho Vista Continuation. The officers posed as regular high school students and would ask other students for drugs. Twenty-two students were arrested - the majority of them are reported to be special needs students like the Snodgrass' son.

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