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Juneau High School
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Right: Solomon Juneau High School is located at 6415 West Mount Vernon Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214 USA. The school was built in 1932 as part of then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Works Products Administration (WPA) projects, which provided jobs for unemployed Depression-era citizens while helping to improve and add to public roads, highways, bridges, and buildings.  The school was always one of the best in the Milwaukee Public Schools system. Initially closed in June, 2006 due to a fiasco of a report by an erstwhile consultant to the school board, the classic school took on the Montessori population and reopened in August, 2009.

Maybe parents in Chicago or Pittsburgh can see what it takes to transform some of their closed schools into community centers and/or a public homeschool enrichment center like the one in Tempe AZ:

 Vacant Pittsburgh schools attract interest - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: That could be the case for Stevens Elementary, a five-story building on Crucible Street. Ms. Kail-Smith said the Meter Room, an arts center once based in the city that moved to Brentwood, is looking to return and use the auditorium as a performance space. 
In Schaeffer Intermediate, Grow 2 Give founder Brian Knuckols hopes to create an indoor, hydroponic farm. The group already has installed indoor farming operations in people's homes and the produce will be donated to those in need. Although the program is in its infancy, he plans to donate the produce to low-income residents, but require them to take economic and life coaching classes in exchange for the bounty. [...] 
At Schaeffer Primary, Orlana and Darnell Drewery hope to establish a community hub for a range of programs such as counseling services, classes and career development. The couple currently run the Shyne Awards, a program that recognizes youth for a number of achievements, including community service, the arts and service in ministry. The "Shyne Center" they envision would be a sort of replica of the Hill District's Hill House. 
Homeschool CASA
Homeschool (CASA Vida) / About the Program: "Community Assisted Schooling Alternatives

C.A.S.A. Vida is a home school enrichment center designed to provide Kyrene School District enrichment resources to home schooling families in the community. C.A.S.A. Vida offers two, six and one-half hour school day options for Kindergarten through sixth grade students. Students attend either Thursday or Friday.

The following content areas are included in the program:
Science, Technology, Communication Skills, Art, Music, Physical Education. Spanish may be integrated into daily curriculum

Parent input and student interest are included as a part of the content design throughout the year. Each class schedule varies, however all C.A.S.A. Vida students have lunch and recess together.

C.A.S.A. Vida is located within the Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary School
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