National Child Labor Committee Collection

I have been posting some photographs from the National Child Labor Committee Collection in my stream at G+.  I wanted to share some here, too.

Lewis Wickes Hine is the photohgrapher who famously used his art for social change. 
In 1908, he became the photographer for the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC), leaving his teaching position. Over the next decade, Hine documented child labor, with focus on labor in the Carolina Piedmont,[4] in American industry to aid the NCLC's lobbying efforts to end the practice.[5] In 1913 he documented child laborers among cotton mill children with a series of Galton's composite portraits.
Also this Timeline of Youth Rights.

Postal Messengers by Lewis Wickes Hine (June 1911)

A typical group of Postal Messengers in Norfolk, Va. Smallest on left end, Wilmore Johnson, been there one year. Works days only. The Postal boys are not nearly so young, in Norfolk and also in other Virginia cities, as are the Western Union boys.
Location: Norfolk, Virginia

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