keeping truancy laws family-friendly

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I post about truancy issues regularly. The Nebraska Family Forum works against truancy laws that have been rewritten to expand trauncy beyond what it has traditionally been. Their site discusses Nebraska's attendance law and their work. Many families face inquiry even after excused absences.
Nebraska’s New Truancy Law diminishes the natural rights of parents and endangers the integrity and freedom of Nebraska families in these basic ways:
1. Changed the definition of a truant to include excused absences. 
2. Created a new classification of delinquent behavior called, excessive absenteeism
3. Added broad prosecutorial powers to the county attorney to get involved at any stage of the process 
4. Created a system for school districts to refer students to state agencies including CPS before the student has missed twenty days of school.
Their work is needed.  This blog shows how 4 more states are or have expanded trauncy laws.

A recent case:
Maynard claims that her son missed so many days last school year because he had the flu, pinkeye and strep throat all in the same year. There were also two days she couldn't drive him to the school because of bad weather. The Maynard family lives in Sidney, but their son goes to school in Lodgepole.

The mission of the Nebraska Family Forum:
"It is the Mission of the Nebraska Family Forum (NFF) to promote education policies in our state that preserve and protect parental authority and the integrity of the family. In so doing, we will preserve the cooperative and respectful relationship between school authorities and parents, preserve a family-centered community, and provide a well-rounded education for our kids."
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