a religious exemption for homeschooling in Sweden

A decision in Sweden on a homeschooling case.

Swedish Court Rules in Favor of Chabad-Lubavitch Representatives - News - Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters: "Chabad-Lubavitch representatives to Gothenburg, Sweden have a right to educate their children in accordance with their religious faith. The unanimous decision of the appellate court followed the Namdars' complaints against city authorities fining them for homeschooling their children."

STATEMENT BY RABBI YEHUDA KRINSKY - News - Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters: "The court’s decision, confirming that Sweden will uphold the fundamental values of religious freedom and human rights of citizens, could have far-reaching ramifications. It is a manifestation of the responsibility of government to protect and cherish these values so vital to life and society. "

But the Himmelstrands are still in exile:

Sweden’s Homeschooling Refugees Refuse to Give In | Europe | World | Epoch Times: "Jonas and Tamara Himmelstrand’s homeschooling experience began in 2002 when they found that their oldest son, Jakob, had a learning disability and could not cope in his local school in the city of Uppsala in central Sweden"

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