a note to my subscribers

mandala *
I am slow posting here lately after maintaining a very steady pace for two years. After 500+ posts, most written late at night after all my other work, I need to do some maintenance on the blog. Also, I am implementing a new blog writing plan on new software so there is a learning/transfer curve. I am also adding a FaceBook page.  So I have slowed just a bit in posting.

What's ahead?

I will add a post on the education positions of third parties in this election. I am also drafting some thoughts on feminism and education. Some of the Ten Key Values are rough so I am refining and rewriting and clarifying. I have gathered links and a few ideas on school funding, a key issue, voluntary attendance, sex education, and Jungian typology and learning styles.

Hello to my European readers and welcome. I am hoping to attend (online) the European Green Party summit tomorrow.  

I am writing this at my standing desk listening to Smooth Groovers and Somehow Jazz. My son and I just finished watching a White Collar episode and he is doing card tricks, his new passion. 

*My first go round with an art app on the iPad, this was done using ProCreate. 
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