REPOST: free guide to alternatives after high school

A publication of the American Friends Service Committee, the book, It's My Life: A Guide to Alternatives After High School is a free download at the link.   The book has chapters on:
  • Surviving the Next Few Years
  • Thinking About Jobs and careers
  • Serving Your Country (military alternatives like NCCC, Americorps Habitat, Peace and Social Justice Jobs, and more)
  • Seeing the World
  • Training for the Future
  • Greening Your Career
  • Paying for College
More good resources for youth thinking of enlisting are here , also at the American Friends Service Committee's website in the Youth & Militarism section.  There is information about military recruiters and suggestions for alternatives to military service.

Information on Green jobs, small businesses, apprenticeships, sustainable farming, construction, paying for college, and more. All are addressed to the youth themselves.

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