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German university sues over early graduation - ESSEN, Germany, July 3 (UPI) -- A German university is suing a student for lost income because he finished his bachelors and masters degrees in only 20 months.

The School of Economics and Management in Essen is asking the court to make former student Marcel Pohl, 22, pay an extra $3,772 after he obtained his degrees in only three semesters instead of the usual 11, The reported Tuesday.

Swedish Walk to Freedom 
Swedish Homeschoolers Walk to Freedom—July 13 to 19, 2012 - Pat Farenga's Blog - Unschooling Homeschooling - Pat Farenga: "If you're like me you can't fly to Sweden to join in their protests against their draconian homeschooling law, but you certainly want to support their effort. "

More about the walk:   Walk to Freedom « Askofamilycamp: "For many of you this may be a new concept, but here in little old Sweden the government have passed a new law making education in schools compulsory unless you have exceptional circumstances. This means that home educating has become increasingly difficult, and has left many people struggling with councils, local governments and the government. In many cases the situation has forced them to leave the country due to the pressures and fines placed on them because of their desire to home educate. The laws passed go against article 2 of the European convention of human rights."

SF City College May Lose Accreditation
Only in San Francisco is understaffing a problem but then many things are different there. What's kind of funny is that accreditation bureaus have not flagged the majority of US universities for being too top-heavy with administrative personnel. It is like rating agencies that do not downgrade countries that lack universal healthcare systems that function well. Funny how that works.

Accreditation crisis hits City College of San Francisco | Inside Higher Ed: "The shuttering of California’s largest college would be a five-alarm fiasco. With a total enrollment of about 90,000 students (33,000 full-time) and 12 campuses and sites around San Francisco, City College is probably too big to fail. Most of those students would have no other local option, and the rest of the state’s community colleges could hardly absorb them, anyhow, given that the system will turn away an estimated 200,000 students this year because of financial shortfalls."

Another red flag is the college’s staffing levels, which are the opposite of top heavy. Faculty and staff compensation accounts for 92 percent of expenditures, a ratio the commission found does not leave enough money to run such a large college. And that problem is worsened by too few administrators being on the job. City College has only 39 administrators, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which broke the news about the commission’s report. The college employs more than 1,800 faculty members.

US Doesn't Support Families. Period.
Work-Family Dilemmas of the Rich and Famous | Demos: "We’ve spent much of the past decade consuming media that depicts women as awash in choices: to work, comfortably stay home, or any of a range of possibilities in between the two. Riveting though it may be, this storyline is, for most women, escapist fantasy. In truth, only a privileged few have anything but the first option. And all too often, the “choice” of work entails a time commitment and an inflexibility that, like Slaughter’s Washington job, keep women away from their families more than they’d like. And vanishingly few women have the resources (both in terms of money for childcare and a devoted, available co-parent) that Slaughter has. She makes a glancing reference to these hordes, but the media frenzy over her dilemma pretty much drowns out the attention paid to real problems of real women – and thus action toward solving them."

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