REPOST: rationing college

A discussion of what percentage should attend college from RSA: rationing college in order to ration jobs.  This whole problem would be transformed if pay scales were not so radically different for workers but since every single dollar now goes straight to the top, well, everyone wants to go up.

Over ten years ago, I sat at a conference with homeschooling families talking about the monopoly and control of licensing and credentials to drive up wages and how we homeschooling parents could navigate these restrictions.  College is rationed because there are not enough good jobs to go around, as John Holt wrote so long ago.  Holt also wrote about how we would have to change credentialing and how there really were never going to be enough good jobs at the top of the pyramid, by definition.  We have to turn the other jobs into good jobs (see the essays in Freedom and Beyond).

Is 50% too much? Access to higher education in an age of austerity

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