homeschooling activism in Spain and Italy

Two interesting talks by activists in Europe, both organizing and helping families to homeschool, in Spain (McInerey) and Italy (Di Martino).

Daragh Mc Inerney (Spain) - YouTube:

 ".. and for most of us, our parents never considered the possibility of an education outside of the compulsory school system ..." 

This lively talk by Daragh McInerney shares some good points at this, the largest homeschooling conference ever held in Spain (over 300). There is also talk of working toward a European group and a mention of contact with South American groups. He discusses the many families with court cases coming up.

Erika Di Martino (Italy) - YouTube:

A clear and passionate speaker, with her child joining her at times, Erika Di Martino shares news about the homeschooling situation in Europe. Excerpts:

" ...most families cannot envision the possibility of one parent only sustaining the family economically, or even trying to adjust working hours in order to educate their children.  This is probably why Italy is experiencing a boom now of the so-called free schools ... or democratic schools, where a small number of parents hire a teacher and rent a place ... to [do] a school. For the law, this is a homeschool even though the parents aren't directly involved in the teaching. "

... "It is very difficult for Italians to accept the concept of homeschooling. First of all, because it has been engraved in their consciousness that school is compulsory ... it is hard to erase ... and that the state has almost absolute power on their children after they reach school age. "

She is hopeful for what the conference can accomplish, saying toward the end, "This will be the beginning of an era of mutual assistance among home educators throughout the world."

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