2011 homeschool conference in Spain

First in a series from the conference. These are videos of the recent homeschooling conference in Europe in Spain in 2011 last fall. Homeschool activists from all over Europe attended, with their children, of course.

NOTE: The videos are on YouTube as well as here on HSLDA's site. HSLDA, the conservative homeschool organization, helped with the conference but not all participants share those views. I want to show some of the activism on the ground and I will be posting more about this topic soon including how homeschooling can help build a true multi-cultural society. As an activist who has worked with families of varying religious and political viewpoints, I see this movement of citizens working together as a grassroots movement that has spontaneously arisen in response to the disempowerment of families by mass schooling.

This first video is an overview with lots of pictures of the families.

This video shows home educators from Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Holland, France, Sweden, Spain, Poland, and Italy who each give short statements (mostly) on their countries' homeschool movements.

EU Homeschooling Meeting 2011 - YouTube: "
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